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35 MPG    

2006 Chevrolet Aveo


      2006 Chevrolet Aveo 5

EPA Fuel Economy

Fuel Type Regular
MPG (city) 26
MPG (hwy) 35
MPG (combined) 29

DISCLAIMER: The average user MPG estimates above are based on data from Your MPG users. DOE and EPA do not guarantee the validity of these estimates.

Fuel Economics

Cost to drive 25 Miles $2.40
Fuel to Drive 25 Miles 0.86 gal
Cost of a Fill-up $30.02
Miles on a Tank 313 miles
Tank Size 12.0 gal
Annual Fuel Cost* $1,439

* Based on 15000 annual miles and the following fuel prices:
Regular Gasoline: $2.78 per gallon

Fill-up cost and the distance you can travel on a tank are calculated based on the combined MPG and the assumption that you will re-fuel when your tank is 10% full.

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